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Prices for Sugaring


149,00 kr.​​​

Butt cheeks

265,00 kr.​​​

Neck hair

149,00 kr.​​​


340,00 kr.​​​


239,00 kr.​​​


359,00 kr.​​​

Lower back

139,00 kr.​​​

Bikini Line​

290,00 kr.​​​

Brazilian/Hollywood (new client)

499,00 kr.​​​

Brazilian/Hollywood (regular client after 2-5 weeks)​

365,00 kr.​​​

Brazilian/Hollywood (regular client after 6 weeks)​

410,00 kr.​​​

½ leg incl. knee (new client)

399,00 kr.​​​

½ leg (new client)​

509,00 kr.​​​

½ leg (regular client)​

409,00 kr.​​​

½ leg incl. Brazilian/Hollywood (new client)

699,00 kr.​​

½ leg incl. Brazilian/Hollywood (regular client)

649,00 kr.​​

Sugaring 1/1 ben (new client)​

649,00 kr.​​​

Sugaring 1/1 leg (regular client)

549,00 kr.​​​

Sugaring 1/1 leg incl. Brazilian/Hollywood (new client)​

849,00 kr.​​​

Sugaring 1/1 leg incl. Brazilian/Hollywood (regular client).

729,00 kr.​​​

Full body incl. brow

1.700,00 kr.​​​

PRIcEs FOR waxing

Waxing Arm

249,00 kr.​​

Waxing Armpits

149,00 kr.​​​

Waxing Buts

215,00 kr.​​

Waxing Back

259,00 kr.​​

Waxing Stomach​

259,00 kr.​​

Waxing 1/1 leg (new client)

459,00 kr.​​

Waxing 1/1 leg (regular client)

409,00 kr.​​

Waxing ½ leg (new client)

360,00 kr.​​​

Waxing ½ leg (regular client).

309,00 kr.​​​

MIX treatment

½ legs with wax and Brazilian/Hollywood with sugaring (new client)

649,00 kr.​​

1/1 legs with wax and Bikini with Sugaring

599,00 kr.​​

1/1 legs with wax and Brazilian/Hollywood with Sugaring (regular client)

649,00 kr.​​

½ legs with wax and Brazilian/Hollywood with sugaring (regular client)

555,00 kr.​​

1/1 legs with wax and Brazilian/Hollywood with Sugaring (new client)

749,00 kr.​​

½ legs with wax & bikini with sugaring

509,00 kr.​​

PRIcEs FOR MEN - Hair removal FOR MÆND​

Men - Threading of eyebrows

120,00 kr.​​

Men - Nose hair

100,00 kr.​​

Men - Neck hair

100,00 kr.​​

Men - Shoulder part with wax

139,00 kr.​​

Men - Chest and stomach with sugaring

409,00 kr.​​

Men - Back and shoulder with Wax

399,00 kr.​​

Men - Back without shoulder area with Wax

259,00 kr.​​

Men - Armpits with sugaring

149,00 kr.​​

Men - Shoulders with sugaring

159,00 kr.​​

Men - Stomach with Wax/Sugaring

250,00 kr.​​

Men - 1/1 leg with Wax

499,00 kr.​​

Men - Ears with sugaring

109,00 kr.​​

Men - Cheeks with threading

149,00 kr.​​

Men - Shoulder area with sugaring

159,00 kr.​​

Men - Chest and stomach with Wax

359,00 kr.​​

Men - Ryg og skulder med sugaring

399,00 kr.​​

Men - Chest and stomach with Wax

309,00 kr.​​

Men - Armpits with Wax

100,00 kr.​​

Men - Shoulder with Wax

139,00 kr.​​

Men - Chest with Wax/sugaring

250,00 kr.​​

Men - 1/2 leg with Wax

299,00 kr.​​

Men - Arms

299,00 kr.​​

Men - Buts with sugaring​

265,00 kr.​​

PRIcEs FOR BRows and threading

Threading of eyebrows

129,00 kr.​​

Eyebrows (With tweezers)

120,00 kr.​​

Brow coloring incl. direction of brows

199,00 kr.​​

Dyeing of eyelashes and eyebrows incl. direction of brows

299,00 kr.​​

Tinting of eyelashes and eyebrows

200,00 kr.

Full facial hair without eyebrows

349,00 kr.​​


200,00 kr.​​

Brow coloring

100,00 kr.​​

Upper lip hair with thread

150,00 kr.​​

Upper lip hair with thread

99,00 kr.​​

Upper lip hair & Chin with thread

129,00 kr.​​

Full Facial Hair with Brows

399,00 kr.​​


Lash lift without dyeing eyelashes

380,00 kr

Brow & lash lift with treading and coloring

709,00 kr

Lash lift with tinting of eyelashes

420,00 kr

Brow lamination incl. threading and coloring of eyebrows

450 kr.​

Collagen caring oil aftercare

249,00 kr

Black collagen aftercare

249,00 kr

PRIcEs FOR Facial treatments

Skinpen - 60 min.

1200,00 kr.​​

​A micro-needling treatment that can reduce wrinkles, scars, sun damage and pigment spots as well as give more uniform and even skin. The treatment boosts your collagen production and starts a process of up to 10 weeks in which your skin will renew itself and then be more resilient.

Diamond grinding - 30 min.

299,00 kr.​​

Diamond grinding (microdermabrasion) is an in-depth peeling that removes dead skin cells with the help of the polishing effect and reduces unevenness in the skin. Eg. acne scars.

Express Treatment​ ​(AHA Cure) - 30 min.

310,00 kr.​​

A short and targeted facial treatment with fruit acid, which can be used for a course of treatment. Recommended for all skin types. It is for those of you who want to quickly get a handle on a specific skin problem.

Stimulates cell renewal and works effectively on acne and acne scars. 6-10 treatments at 1-4 week intervals are recommended.

Moisture treatment incl. direction of brows - 45 min.

499,00 kr.​​

​​​​Moisture treatment is a treatment where the focus in the balance of the skin. The treatment involves giving the skin a lot of moisture. 

Classic facial treatment incl. cleavage - 60 min.

550,00 kr.​​

​​​​​A Classic facial is suitable for most people. We organize the selection of products and masks so that it suits you and your skin exactly.

Fruit acid treatment incl. deep cleaning - 60 min.

595,00 kr.​​

​​​​​​​A skin problem is often a mental burden for the person in question. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you make time for detailed guidance and advice before starting an AHA regimen.​

Deluxe treatment incl. cleavage and direction and coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes - 1 hour+ 30 min.​

695,00 kr.​​

Our Deluxe facial consists of a number of different steps, all of which aim to make your experience extra luxurious while caring for your skin.

Deep Cleanse Facial - 45 min.

500,00 kr.​​

A facial treatment with deep cleansing can be an important element in achieving cleaner skin and can create a visibly significantly improved result, your skin is affected by many factors that can cause impurities.

In order to achieve the best possible result with deep cleaning, a number of treatments may be necessary. In many cases, we recommend 3-5 treatments at 2-3 week intervals.

PRIcEs FOR Nails

Quick manicure or quick pedicure

250,00 kr.​​

CND color shellac varnish

375,00 kr.​​

CND french shellac (hands or feets)

395,00 kr.​​

Nail art Shellac with reinforcement (hands) 

420,00 kr.​​

Removal of CND shellac​

160,00 kr.​​

Nail art 

from 5 kr. pr. nail​​


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